From “Skinny-Fat to Fit,” This Before-and-After Proves Weight Is Just a Number

Wanted to Celebrate. Skinny-fat to Fit.

Everyone’s path to being “healthy” is different. Some choose to slash calories and hit the treadmill every day with the ultimate goal of losing weight, but one girl is sharing her definition of the term, and we couldn’t agree more with it.

Now-viral Imgur user TheLaughingFool recently shared the above post on the platform to celebrate how far she’s come on her fitness journey from “skinny-fat to fit.” In the before-and-after photo’s caption, she described how although “it’s not a huge difference,” she’s still proud of her progress. “I went from simple calorie restriction to doing both cardio and strength-training. This body took a lot of purposeful work and it is so much stronger and more capable than my previous one,” she wrote.

We love how her post has nothing to do with the numbers on a scale or extreme dieting and everything to do with being healthy and fit on her own terms. Keep it up, girl!