A visual guide to the Westminster attack

Four people – including an attacker and a police officer – have been confirmed dead after a man drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then entered parliament armed with one or more knives

Exclusion zone in place

Attack strikes the heart of Westminster

Exclusion zone map

Emergency services received calls alerting them to an incident at 2.40pm on Wednesday, with a first medical response on the scene six minutes later. An air ambulance helicopter landed outside parliament as emergency services attended to casualties on Westminster Bridge and within New Palace Yard on the parliamentary estate. Parliament was adjourned and locked down as police imposed a security cordon around Westminster, including Whitehall and Victoria Street.

How the attack unfolded

Car leaves carnage in its wake on deadly route to parliament

The Hyundai raced over Westminster Bridge, mounting the pavement and mowing down pedestrians. As many as 20 casualties were left lying on Westminster Bridge and it is believed two of the dead were among them.


The car veered across a cycle lane and smashed into parliament’s perimeter wall outside New Palace Yard. A man in black is said to have jumped out of the car and rushed through the gates into New Palace Yard where he attacked two yellow-jacketed policeman at the security gates. One officer was repeatedly stabbed and fell to the ground. The attacker turned to run but was challenged and shot several times by plain-clothes officers.